Stella McCarthney - An expansion of consciousness: The Summer 2022 runway show

I was intrigued to see Stella McCarthney latest range was 'inspired by fungi’s transformative and transcendental qualities, as seen in the Fantastic Fungi documentary' (Netflix).

The show featured 'the launch of the special-edition Frayme Mylo™️ – a new Stella icon and the world’s first bag made from Bolt Thread’s innovative mycelium leather to be featured on a runway.'

According to Vogue: The material was created in the labs of Mylo, which McCartney has been working with since 2017. “The mushrooms are grown in labs, so they use no water and barely any electricity. They are pressed down and formulated into a faux leather,” she explained, adding that four years ago the innovation wasn’t advanced enough to produce a bag. “Now we’re at the point where I feel like I can roll it out. Otherwise I wouldn’t have put it on the runway.”

She 'scored the show with a soundtrack made from recordings of high-quality microphones attached to mushrooms during their growth process.'

It is really exciting to see mushrooms getting serious attention from sustainable fashion houses like Stella McCarthney.

To see the clothes:

Vogue Article