The Process

The Velvet Shank & Friends

I found some clusters of Velvet Shanks in a dark corner of the garden. I harvested some, added a few little brown mushrooms from the lawn and this beautiful spore print appeared overnight.

Like a fingerprint, each mushroom has its own unique pattern which ebbs as it ages and so each of my mushroom paintings is absolutely original, unique and authentic.

Damaged MushroomArt print

Care Instructions

Here you will see where one of the big mushrooms fell back onto the artwork and left its imprint on its spores.

Sadly, I decided this large piece - A3 - was ruined.  

My point being, be very careful if you decide to reframe your MushroomArt.

As with any natural art work media eg watercolours, pastels or charcoal, follow some simple guidelines and your mushroom art will bring you many years of pleasure.

Do not hang in direct sunlight
Do Not hang in a damp or humid environment
ie. Kitchen or bathroom
When unprotected, the slightest touch will disturb the sporeprint. Be careful if unframing.