The DeathCap - Amanita Phalloides

I was so excited to find a circle of these deadly mushrooms slowing making an appearence from under a Beech tree in the garden.

This a surprisingly common mushroom appearing late summer to autumn, usually under Oak.  Here is a link to some spore prints.

This is the most deadly fungus found in Ireland and despite years of research, there is still no antidote to the toxins once consumed by humans.

Poisoning by Deathcap results in a slow, painful, lingering death ultimately by kidney and liver failure within a few days.

Several historical figures are said to have died from A. phalloides poisoning (or other similar, toxic Amanita species). These were either accidental poisonings or assassination plots. Supposedly, victims  include Roman Emperor Claudius, Pope Clement VII, the Russian tsaritsa Natalia Naryshkina, and Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI.

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