Turkey Tail aka Trametes versicolor

Turkey Tail aka Trametes versicolor is a common polypore fungus (bracket fungi) found all over Ireland during the autumn and winter. You’ve all seen it but probably not noticed it. It grows out of tree stumps and other dead wood in a multicoloured fan similar to a wild turkey tail hence its name.

It has semi-circular bands of brown, black and grey with a white underneath. It has a proven medicinal and is approved for use in the treatment of various cancers. It is stated to prevent cancer cell growth, boost the immune system and lessen the side effects of cancer treatments.

It can be boiled for a tonic and soaked in alcohol for a tincture. I have never used it personally, but I believe it is routinely used in Japan alongside chemotherapy treatments and is FDA approved.

I have Turkey Tail growing out of tree stumps both birch and larch in the garden.

Next time you are out and about, see if you can spot it!

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