I found a flush of large creamy coloured mushrooms in amongst some larch stumps, beside a row of birch trees at the back of the house. I had noticed them last year so I cleared away the ivy creeping in over the area late last summer in anticipation. I was rewarded with loads of these magnificent fungi appearing over two weeks. The insects and animals didn't seem to be interested which is always a bonus.

But what were they?

At first I thought they were The Miller and was looking forward to having a mushroom pasta supper but I did a spore print just to be sure and it was white so not the Miller (Pink). I checked with an expert and it was suggested they were Trichomnas sp., aka Knights. Now it didn't look like a knight to me so without a 100% positive identification, no mushroom is worth eating.

This print is made using wild mushrooms picked sustainably in the garden. The frame (purchased) is 50cm high x 70cm length x 4cm deep which can be hung. I used black mount board card and a black deep-set frame with perspex.

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