This large piece was made using Cavaliers, a Wood Blewit, Earthy Powdercaps and some Scurfy Twiglets and Deceivers.  The names are so entertaining!

I created this in two stages: Firstly, I lay the large mushrooms on the board, allowing air currents to flow around them to create the ephemeral spore swirls. Secondly, I added the smaller mushrooms, covered them to create the classic defined patterns.

I am very happy with how some merged and some stood still.

This artwork is made using wild mushrooms picked sustainably in my irish garden. The frame (purchased) is 53 high x 53cm long x 5cm deep which can be hung. I used a blue grey card and a handmade solid wood frame in white. 

All my artwork is mounted, framed, sealed and ready to hang.

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