The Blewit


This sporeprint was made using a Wood Blewit, Lepista Nuda, mushroom which grows gregariously in the garden lawn every autumn once the temperature is consistently below 17c. It is saprobic which means it is not fussy where it grows as long its environment is dead and rich in organic matter ie leaf litter and dead tree roots and stumps.

It is a fabulous lilac colour and never fails to produce a cream coloured sporeprint. I have included a picture of the original mushroom.

It is edible but must be well cooked and I’ve discovered the older mushrooms are not worth the trouble.


This artwork is made using wild irish garden mushrooms picked sustainably from the garden around the house.

The standard frame (purchased) is 26cm x 26cm which can stand or be hung. I used a green card in a white frame with perspex.

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