The Fly Agaric


This sporeprint was made using an Irish garden mushroom called the Fly Agaric, Amanita Muscaria, mushroom which grow gregariously under the birch trees by the gate. 

It is the classic red toadstool of our childhood fairytales and produces a lovely white sporeprint where its free gills allow for distinct clarity of pattern. I have included a picture of the actual mushrooms.

The Fly Agaric is considered poisonous, although unlike its cousin, the deadly Death Cap, it is rarely fatal.  The name fly agaric comes from the old European practice of using this fungi crushed, dipped or sprinkled in milk as an insecticide.

Despite its poisonous properties the consumption of this species in small amounts by indigenous populations is widely documented and I have written more about it here.


This artwork is made using wild irish garden mushrooms picked sustainably from the garden around the house.

The standard frame (purchased) is 24cm x 33cm which can stand or be hung. I used a black card in a black frame with perspex.

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